Early morning wake up nothing better to do, went to cold storage to get some stuff for lunch. Total damage $25
Black pepper chicken $3 only, taste good and cheap.
For Pizza, mozzarella cheese and hungerian salami
Uses the chicken breast for preparing the fusilli

Pardon the poor image quality, its not from my 30D. From my new phone SE p1i, a 3mp phone but seems like autofocus don't work that well.



Dropped by cold storage after work to do some shopping for dinner, bought the below stuff.
Potato still not the type i want, big enough but too soft. Good for making mash potato thou.
Pork Bockwurst , this is good stuff. Cost me $9.80/pack.

Ok, someone told me im eating too fat. The truth is most of the stuff i cook either use margarine or olio olio. Anyway, this sour cream is low fat but taste as good as those 100% fat sour cream out there.

Step number1, 'De-skin' the potatoes and shred it

Heat up the pan and abit of Margarine to prevent sticking to the pan. Anyway this is a non-sticking pan. Pan fried the potatoes till above shown. Not easy to flip the potato over with just with one hand. Try it! you will know ;)

Sausage just boil in water. Remember to only drop the sausage in after the water reaches boiling point. Add some sour cream....low fat sour cream.
Mr Humble Dinner :)


Rosti.... Swiss breakfast

Early morning woke up, went to the kitchen.... found the fridge kinda empty..... guess time to replenish..... nevertheless, found some potato lying around so decided to shred it n make rosti!

Rosti...Swiss breakfast.... someone once told me ....rosti was used to be eaten by farmers in swiss... now it has become a national food ....sorry about the poor presentation..... taste wise more or less same (if not better than marche...LOL) ....lack of presentation due to i was in a hurry to make my breakfast this morning....will try again this coming weekend :) let me go get some good german sausage first :P

Very simple ingredients:
shredded potato, salt, sugar and grounded white pepper
Notice my style of cooking don't use MSG. i replace it with sugar.


Eggs with fries...for breakfast.... lol

I know it boring... i used to eat this at a childhood friend house.... his maid always cook this for us.... brings back memories =)

2 x Morning sunrise

1bag x french fries



Went vivocity had dinner on monday night. Testing out my new phone "samsung z720" as well
Photo quality really cannot make it.... *disappointed* ....3megapixel without flash....
Nevertheless, hotdog is superb and the fries are fantastic =) Reminds me of the A&W corney dog


Dinner @ CNY Day3

Mayim @ Westmall
Trying a different style of shooting , feel free to leave any comments =)